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An Edmonton Community Orchestra

Nova Musica is a community orchestra located in Edmonton, Alberta.¬†Its members come from all walks of life and meet together once a week to play orchestral music.¬†Conducted by Edmonton Symphony Orchestra trumpet player Bill Dimmer, Nova is a dynamic and social group, with both musicmaking and having fun equally important.  We give multiple charitable fundraising and goodwill concerts throughout our September-June season.

Making Music isn't only for the pros!

Musicmaking doesn't stop when you grow up.  While one might not take lessons anymore or have much time to practice between work/home commitments, the act of playing music should not be left only to kids or to the pros.  Edmonton has a thriving amateur music scene.  Countless people have continued or revitalized their musicianship through local community groups headed by some of the finest musicians in Edmonton.

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Nova is a non-auditioned group.  Except for the wind sections which need to maintain a specific number of players, anyone able may join.  See the posting on the left for current openings.